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Ameliia Kononenko & Mariia Terpeliuk - DUBAI BOWL 2023 Champions

22 January 2023
Ameliia Kononenko and Mariia Terpeliuk became the winners of their first international tournament - DUBAI BOWL by TEN-PRO Global Junior Tour in Dubai.
Left to right: Dmitry Novikov, Ameliia Kononenko, Angelika Kononenko, Mariia Terpeliuk and Khalil Ibragimov

Amelia Kononenko became the strongest in the competition for girls born in 2011. In the Semifinals Avant-Garde player defeated Saida Ismail in straight sets with a score of 6/0, 7/5. And in the Finals, she defeated the representative of the USA Stephanie Kormysh - 6/0, 6/2. Amelia Kononenko gave her opponents only one game during the tournament, while the total number of games won-lost for the tournament is 72-8 (48-1 in the group). The total superiority of our athlete over her rivals.

Ameliia Kononenko with her tennis coach Dmitry Novikov

Mariia Terpeliuk won in the tournament among the girls born in 2012. Maria confidently beated the Croatian Laura Milkovich - 6/1, 6/0 and the American Stefania Kormysh - 6/1, 6 /1.

Dubai Bowl 2023 Champions - Mariia Terpeliuk (left) and Ameliia Kononenko

Congratulations to the girls and their teams on the victory of their debut international tournament!


Amelia Kononenko and Maria Terpeliuk into the Finals at Dubai tournament